Recent Exhibition

Northern Contemporary

September 21-26

I’ve been fortunate to have many good memories of 20 years on Queen
Street West. Environments of contemporary cultural spaces are saturated
with information and image like never before; resulting in an abstraction of
ever-changing urban landscape, often manifested as traces of
neighbourhood history intermingled with new development and media.
More recently, I have developed a newfound appreciation for the potentials
of landscape; having had access to space and materials to practice my
craft undisturbed during the period of COVID lockdowns, often
accompanied by access to spellbinding natural settings. The opportunity
for quiet and reflection brought with it a nostalgia for many of the most
magical vistas experienced during pre-pandemic travel.

The juxtaposition of landscapes of the urban versus those of the natural
world is an ongoing theme; highlighting the accompanying dichotomy of
timelessness and constant change. These elements are reflected in my
work, either singly or collectively, in a controlled chaos of overlaying and
overlapping media techniques; often employing underpainting,
transparencies and appliqué. I have experimented with creating new
frameworks for creative expression through the contrasting potentials of

diverse methodologies.

I hope people find elements of this work remain with them, and help to
contextualize and integrate their relationship with the Here and Now.